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I&S, an honest company, uses only world-proven eco-friendly materials to produce all goods of us.

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Eco-friendly Mat & Synthetic Leather

Premium upholstery that is similar to genuine leather.
Global upholstery brand of I&S Co., Ltd.
with 50 years of accumulated techniques in the industry for furniture.

Kids Playmat

A specialized brand for eco-friendly baby products which cares our babies safely.

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Multi purpose mat

A multi purpose mat reduces fatigue on foot, joint, back and so on by distributing body weight with its shock absorbing foam made with the technology of I&S.

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Sports Mat

A Yoga Mat made of eco-friendly material to be used by all age group.

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Leather Furniture

A global brand for I&S’s synthetic leather sheet.
Total collection for home and office furniture and for industrial surface material.

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Leather for vessel

Certified MED certification by DNV (Det Norske Veritas)
Multi purpose material with luxurious appearance for yacht, vessel and so on.

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Leather for Designer Bag

A synthetic leather sheet for designer bag which requires a physical property of natural leather and strong anti-pollutant property.

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I&S Partners

Our Partners.